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Mission Statement:

To improve the lives of people with or at risk for End Stage Renal Disease by promoting and advancing quality of care.

5-Diamond Patient Safety Program


Program Overview

The Southeastern Kidney Council believes it is important for each dialysis facility to incorporate patient safety into their organizational culture. To help promote patient safety values, ESRD Network 6 has implemented the 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program. The goal of this program is to help dialysis facilities better implement patient safety principles among both staff and patients.

How Can Your Facility Earn its Diamonds?

  • Complete the 5-Diamonds registration
  • When we receive your application, you can start the first module, Patient Safety Principles.
  • Complete this mandatory module – all participants must complete this one first.
  • Gather and submit all supporting documents for the module and access the reporting form.
  • Submit your completed Reporting Form and look for an email notification of submission.
  • You earn your first Diamond!
  • Start working on your next Diamond!

You can earn up to 5 Diamonds (though we encourage you to complete all 15 modules) and SKC will recognize your facility:

1 - 4 Diamond Facilities
Facility recognized on the Network 6 website

5-Diamond Facilities
Facility name written in Network 6 newsletter
Facility recognized on the Network's website

If you are interested in your facility participating in our new 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program, please register on the National 5-Diamond Patient Safety Program website. You must complete the mandatory Patient Safety Principles module first, and then you may complete additional modules in any order. The module topics are below and can only be accessed by a registered 5-Diamonds user. As more Networks are participating in this program it is necessary to streamline the tools and resources.

Facilities that achieved 5-Diamond status during the last program year, may renew diamond status by re-applying, repeating the mandatory Patient Safety Principles module, along with completing two (2) additional modules of its choosing. All past and present diamond status facilities are posted on the web. The current program began July 1, 2011. Facilities that do not complete at least one module within three (3) months will be considered inactive and will need to re-apply.